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Alpha Selection Box

Alpha Selection Box

£209.99 Regularna cena
£139.99Cena Rabatowa

Possibly the most powerful selection box available in the UK. The ALPHA selection box is the larger brother to the BETA box, containing 28 premium garden fireworks with amazing effects and colours. With 9 multi-shot barrages, 8 fountains, 1 catherine wheel, a pack of 8 small rockets and 2 fountain / mine combination, there’s plenty here for a whole evening of entertainment with the family.

Brak w magazynie

DANGER: No smoking! Explosive; fire danger, pressure wave or particle impact. Keep away from heat, sparks, open flames, hot surfaces. Do not expose to grinding, impacts, friction. Wear protective gloves /protective clothing /protective goggles. In case of fire: evacuate area. Explosive risk in case of fire. Do not fight fire when fire reaches explosives. Explosion danger. Keep only in original container for storage.

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