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99,99£ Regularna cena
74,99£Cena Rabatowa

This 100 shot beautiful Z shaped single ignition from our Hallmark range fires in rows of ten that produce massive arches of colour, from reds to white strobe, crackling golden dragon eggs, greens and loads of glittering effects and a finale fan lift of bright yellow, gold to crackling bursts.

    Watch the video!

    Shots: 100

    Duration: 30 secs

    Noise Level: 5/5

    Firing Pattern: Fanned

    Bore Size: 20mm

    Cat: F3

    DANGER: No smoking! Explosive; fire danger, pressure wave or particle impact. Keep away from heat, sparks, open flames, hot surfaces. Do not expose to grinding, impacts, friction. Wear protective gloves /protective clothing /protective goggles. In case of fire: evacuate area. Explosive risk in case of fire. Do not fight fire when fire reaches explosives. Explosion danger. Keep only in original container for storage.

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