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Ultimate Celebration Selection Box

Ultimate Celebration Selection Box


The ultimate pack for a party on its own or as a base for a bigger display. Containing 27 fireworks in total and no less than 12 cakes, candles, single shots, rockets and a couple of great duration fountains.

1 x 20 Shot Cake
2 x 12 Shot Cakes
2 x 13 Shot Cakes
3 x 16 Shot Cakes
1 x 18 Shot Cake
1 x 25 Shot Cake
2 x 9 Shot Cakes
1 x 200 Shot Roman Candle Battery
4 x Single Shot Roman Candles
1 x Aladdin’s Cave Fountain (80 seconds)
1 x Nukes of Hazard Fountain (50 seconds)
8 x Rockets

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DANGER: No smoking! Explosive; fire danger, pressure wave or particle impact. Keep away from heat, sparks, open flames, hot surfaces. Do not expose to grinding, impacts, friction. Wear protective gloves /protective clothing /protective goggles. In case of fire: evacuate area. Explosive risk in case of fire. Do not fight fire when fire reaches explosives. Explosion danger. Keep only in original container for storage.

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