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Moon Shot Rocket Pack

Moon Shot Rocket Pack

21,99£ Preț normal
14,99£Preț redus

This is a great Pack of 10 small Rockets. They maybe classed as a ‘garden firework’ But they still pack a good punch.  Great buy for a small display or even to add to a bigger display. The video proves theyre a great product.

1. Blue + gold strobe
2. Green + red strobe
3. Red + white strobe
4. Purple + crackling
5. Yellow + time rain 

Stoc epuizat

DANGER: No smoking! Explosive; fire danger, pressure wave or particle impact. Keep away from heat, sparks, open flames, hot surfaces. Do not expose to grinding, impacts, friction. Wear protective gloves /protective clothing /protective goggles. In case of fire: evacuate area. Explosive risk in case of fire. Do not fight fire when fire reaches explosives. Explosion danger. Keep only in original container for storage.

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