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Fireworks Firing System 12 channel

Fireworks Firing System 12 channel

£84.99 Regular Price
£59.99Sale Price

This Fireworks wireless firing sytstem enables you to have a safe and continuous display. The 12 button remote is pre paired to the 3 receivers which have 4 channels each. The receiver cues are labelled with the relevant buttons on the remote. When the button on the remote is pressed this will send a small voltage to the igniter which ignites the E-Match igniter, enabling it to light the firework Visco Fuse on the firework. This enables the show to have no delays in between fireworks and a very professional loom without the cost. This system is very easy to use however, if you have any questions on use, drop us a message we are happy to help. 

This works with any type of firework that requires a source of fire to ignite.

Perfect for birthday parties, Christmas, new years eve and bonfire night. 

Can fire up to 12 cues, twe have tested this with 3 e-matches in 1 que and has fired succesfully, please note this was with new batteries on the receiver and may not work on low battery power.

Reusable just purchase more igniters and this will last forever. 


Whats Included:

• 3 four Cue wireless firing boxes  (Requires 4 aa batteries each not included) 

• 12 button wireless firing remote (Requires: 12v 23a battery not included) 

• 12 firework igniter fuses (attach to original fuse)

• Green carry/storage case (padded)

• Instructions On use.



▪ Continuity Test – Indicates if igniters are correctly connected

▪ Supports all igniter types (Talon & E-Match)

▪ Easy to use – Very simple and easy to use.

▪ Storage – Hard storage case included

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