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Mix It Up

Mix It Up

£52.99 Regular Price
£37.99Sale Price

Mix It Up produces blue tail to blue peony, gold tail to gold flashing, green tail to green peony,white tail to white flashing, red tail to red peony, gold tail to brocade coconut chry, white tail to white flashing, gold tail to brocade coconut chrys.

Watch the video!

Shots: 63

Duration: 35 secs

Noise Level: 5/5

Firing Pattern: Straight

Bore Size: 20mm

Cat: F3

DANGER: No smoking! Explosive; fire danger, pressure wave or particle impact. Keep away from heat, sparks, open flames, hot surfaces. Do not expose to grinding, impacts, friction. Wear protective gloves /protective clothing /protective goggles. In case of fire: evacuate area. Explosive risk in case of fire. Do not fight fire when fire reaches explosives. Explosion danger. Keep only in original container for storage.

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